Enjoy Your Life

You have likely heard about the bus campaign in major cities around the world that declares: "There's probably no God, so stop worrying and enjoy your life."

Here's what I like about the campaign: I like the idea of bringing talk about God into the public arena. But it's too bad that the ads promote the stereotype that knowing God is joyless.

Francis Schaeffer shares a different perspective:

Christianity should never give any onlooker the right to conclude that Christianity believes in the negation of life. Christianity is able to make a real affirmation because we affirm that it is possible to be in personal relationship to the personal God who is there and who is the final environment of all He created. All else but God is dependent, but being in the image of God, man can be in personal relationship to that which is ultimate and has always been. We can be fulfilled in the highest level of our personality and in all the parts and portions of life... There is nothing Platonic in Christianity... The whole man is to be fulfilled; there is to be an affirmation of life that is filled with joy" (Death in the City, p. 26).

If you're interested in finding out for yourself what God says about joy, check out these 242 instances of the word in the Bible.

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