Is the Bible Reliable?

It is said that in a postmodern age, people aren't interested in truth anymore. Is that really true? Most people I know want to know the truth. They're just not sure where to find a reliable source of truth. Take the Bible for example...

The mood of our culture is to question the authority of the Bible.

People wonder: How can we trust the Bible any longer in the light of modern science, history, and culture? Isn't most of it legendary? How can we know what in the Bible really happened?

Instead of just going with the "party line" of society, let me challenge you to take another look at this issue. Here are nine reasons from the website that point to the reliability of the Bible:

1. The Old Testament has been faithfully transmitted: We can trust that the scriptures of the ancient Jews have been carefully preserved for us.

2. The New Testament has been faithfully transmitted: The earliest of believers confirmed the truth of the scriptures and delivered them faithfully to the believers that followed them.

3. The Old Testament has been archeologically verified: We can trust that the ancient scriptures are supported by external archeological evidence.

4. The New Testament has been archeologically verified: The Gospel of Luke is just one example of the fact that the New Testament is also supported by external evidence.

5. The Old Testament is filled with fulfilled prophecy: The presence of accurate predictions testifies to the divine nature of the scriptures.

6. The New Testament is also filled with fulfilled prophecy: It contains the most incredible set of fulfilled prophecies of any recorded history.

7. The Bible foreshadows scientific discoveries: Even though it's not a science manual, the Bible predicts and confirms scientific discoveries.

8. The Bible does not contradict itself: If you follow some basic principles of exploration, apparent 'contradictions' are convincingly resolved.

9. There is a single theme in all of the Bible: Dozens of writers and authors have divinely written of a single promise of salvation.

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